Compassion Ministry at Work

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Jesus in Matthew 25:40 KJV


Operation Inasmuch is a one day mission blitz carried out by a church to move more people out of their seats and into the streets to serve the needy in their community. It ignites the church to live out the Gospel through acts of compassion by SERVING the un-served; LOVING the unloved; and REACHING OUT to the un-churched. It is church members being the hands and feet of Jesus in their community.




After projects are completed, be sure to have a testimony time during worship service to give a summary of what projects were done and give God the glory for all that was accomplished. The coordinator should give a report to the Surry Baptist Association as to the number of projects completed; number of people served; number of hours worked; number of volunteers from the church who worked; dollar value of items purchased or donated. It would also be helpful to have a short description of the projects completed. If volunteers have had prayer with someone that day or if someone has received Christ as a result of being the recipient of a project, please be sure and share that. If possible give a percentage of church membership that were involved in your OIAM ministry. Reports are as soon after OIAM Day as possible.


Remember: You can change a life……..Forever


Extend your hand of compassion and get involved in Operation Inasmuch


Questions: Call Surry Baptist Association (789-5701)




Connect with Missions

Mission Opportunities Provided by WMU



Red Box Prison Ministry

Collect offering to send to the NC WMU in support of Christmas gifts given to women prison inmates at several NC prisons.  WMU at the state level wraps gifts in red and delivers some 2000 gifts each year. 



Military Missions

If your WMU is called to support military families, there are several options for your consideration.  You can be a prayer warrior for our soldiers and their families;  you can send notes of encouragement to military family support groups;  you can take part in Operation Bandana (not coordinated by WMU but a wonderful way to support our troops);  or help with funding the annual military wives retreat.  To get more specific information about the WMU supported projects, contact Margaret Harding at 919-882-2344 or email her at  If you want to be involved in Operation Bandanas, contact Mary Gray, project coordinator at 910-578-8840.



Pure Water, Pure Love

Your WMU/church can provide water filters for missionaries and wells for the people they serve.  This is an excellent project in which to involve the whole church.  You can find information on the national WMU website on Pure Water that includes several activities for children (water day activities, etc).  If your group wants to support this mission by collecting funds, please have those turned in to the SBA by September 30. 




Through supporting this mission project, your WMU can help impoverished women in various parts of the world to have an income.  There are several ways you can be involved in this effort.  You can purchase items (jewelry, baskets, etc) the women have made from the WMU website.  You can also host a WorldCrafts party to include young teens and teens in your congregation and women from other churches and take orders.  The website gives several steps to take in planning a party and it even gives some different themes that can be used. This would also be a good time to focus on fair trade items and talk about buying them when possible. 


Project Help

The project emphasis for WMU for the next several years is creating an awareness of those affected by PTSD and learning how the church can minister to them.  The focus for Surry Baptist WMU in 2016 will include supporting those lives have torn by drug abuse and addiction. 


Triad Ladder of Hope

Renee Martin has updated us on the Triad Ladder of Hope and asks us to keep this important mission in our prayers.  At the present time there is a need of Walmart gift cards;  prepaid cell phones; and gas cards.  They are trying to find a house to buy to use as a safe house and prayers are needed for that.  Also Sandra Johnson, the director, has had some health issues and requests your prayers, as does Renee, who has had knee replacement surgery.  If you want to send any of the items needed, please send them to Sandra Johnson at PO Box 3051, Salisbury NC  28145.


If you would like to be updated on the human trafficking issue please look at the Triad Ladder of Hope website and look for the 2014 TIP (Trafficking In Person ) Report and also check the UN Global Report.  Both these will give you cause to cry out to God for help.  Some statistics from the USA on the Ladder of Hope home page include:

            * 50% of child porn web sites originate from the USA

            * Human trafficking is the 2nd largest crime in the USA

            * At least 100,000 children are victims of commercial sexual exploitation within the USA each year

            * There are at least 30 million slaves worldwide, thought to be the most ever in history.


** As you prepare to watch the Super Bowl, remember that sex trafficking at this sporting event is a huge problem.  Pray. Pray.  Pray.



Medical Food Ministry

This mission of WMU, coordinated by Mary Jane Shelton, member at Calvary Baptist Church, continues to be a blessing to many in the community.  Food and monetary donations are still needed in order for this mission to meet the needs of the hungry and needy.  If your WMU would like to be involved, please contact Mary Jane.  She is already working on the schedule for distributing food at the Medical Clinic in 2017.  The months of November and December 2016 are still vacant (at this writing) if your group feels led to help.